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Welcome to Barks Tech, where we offer premium, affordable bulk headphones that fit any budget. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most durable, K-12 headsets available on the market. We're a small, family-owned company that works hard to put our customers first and build long-term relationships with teachers, office assistants, PTO presidents, and administrators.

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  • - We accept purchase orders and offer bulk discounts on large quantities. Please contact us here.
  • - All of our headphones come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects and our money-back guarantee.
  • - We're here to support our customers after purchase and forge lasting relationships for school years to come.
  • - Our products are built-to-last, comfortable, and sound great. They're a great balance of feature and low cost.

Classroom Must Haves for All Teachers K-12

Headphones have quickly become essential classroom must haves. From standardized testing to listening stations, tablet app curriculum and digital assignments, focus and concentration is greatly improved with noise reducing features. Our Barks Headphones are designed specifically for students K-12. They're built to be durable, adaptable and fit any budget.

Our on ear headphones have great sound quality for the price, passive noise reduction, and fit most devices. They're comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and offer great value in a 10 Pack. As an added bonus, we also double reinforce both our cables and plugs, leading to better longevity over the course of a school year.

Student Favorites for Daily Use, All Classroom Activities

On ear wired school headphones are ideal for everyday use as class sets because they're easy-to-use, compatible with many other devices, and great for younger and older students.

As a leading provider, we consider our products to be excellent headphones for the price. Our school headsets offer great sound and a 10 Pack set of headphones, which work perfectly for speaking activities. We routinely have deals below list price. Volume control is taken care of by adjusting on the device. Our wonderful company will be here to support you.

Comfortable, Noise-Reducing, Thoughtful Headphone Designs

On ear school headphones, also known as bulk classroom headphones, are quickly becoming vital for student learning and focus. Nearly all grade levels are used to taking in information on PCs or tablets. Many curriculums are now tablet based, including standardized tests. Student headphones need to be reliable, durable, and ready to rock when needed.

Here at Barks Headphones, all of our headphone models are thoughtfully built for students of all ages. They help greatly enhance focus, concentration and testing experiences. As we go into our fifth year of business, we're continuing to strive for offering the highest quality products at the best bulk value. We stand behind their dependable use and product longevity.

Tangle-Free Cords & Only the Necessary Features

All of our models include what we refer to as "tangle-free" cords. Our flat wires and braided cables resist tangles and simplify storage applications. Our student headphones don't tend to tangle and cause usage delays. This makes it easy for little hands to unwrap their own classroom headphones and get started using them right away. More learning = better recall.

We offer headphones at different prices that include important features. If you need students to be interactive with their lessons, we offer great boom style microphone headphones that have good sound quality. If you need to match your classroom theme, we have mixed color headphones available as well. We're always coming up with new ideas and improvements, too.

Money-Back Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Barks Headphones are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee and our limited lifetime warranty. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll offer you your money-back or replacements for your headphones. Our awesome customer success team is always ready to answer any questions. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers any potential defects or weak parts. You can feel confident buying as many bulk packs as you need for your school. We are excited to get to work together now and into the future!

Bulk Headphones - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are bulk headphones for and why?

Bulk headsets are commonly used in classrooms, schools, businesses, seminars, and libraries. They're medium quality headphones that work for many budgets. By buying in bulk, you're purchasing a convenience pack of headphones with minimal boxing. As long as you balance price and quality, you'll be extremely happy with the set.

Is $200 a lot for headphones?

It depends. Are you paying that price for a bulk pack of headphones? $200 is a lot if you're spending it on a single pair of headphones. Our Barks Headphones are typically priced between $80 and $90 per 10 Pack. So for $200, you'd be able to afford 20 premium headsets for your class set. In our opinion, that's a fantastic deal for headphones that will last for a full year and beyond.

Why do cheap headphones sound good?

Cheap headphones sound good because they are built on the same technology as more expensive models. The cheaper versions simply forego features that the more expensive models include. The biggest recommendation we can make is to look for cheap school headphones but only buy brands that don't skimp on the two most important features: durability and longevity.

Why are high-end headphones so expensive?

High-end headphones are so expensive because they include many features that cheaper headphones don't have. Some of these higher end features include active noise cancellation, more complex and sophisticated speakers for high fidelity sound, and more costly materials like steel and speaker components. Unless they're being used for a specific purpose, it usually doesn't make sense to spend your teacher budget on high-end headphones for your students. This budget is best spent on getting a larger quantity of medium quality headphones that still work great.

Are pricey headphones worth it?

If you're wanting to hear every single note, crispy, clear treble, and booming bass, pricey headphones can be worth it. However, the biggest question you have to ask yourself is what is your intention? What do you actually need for your kiddos? For classrooms and schools, we've found that by offering certain features and leaving out the unnecessary, more expensive ones, we're able to meet the needs of nearly all teachers. We pair together good price with good quality that lasts, and everyone wins!

On Ear Classroom Headphones That Fit Your Budget

Choosing school headphones can seem like a challenging task. Which brand do you trust? How do you know they'll work for your students? We've worked diligently to create on ear student headphones that are comfortable, have good sound quality, and don't included any unnecessary functions (like noise cancellation). Experience the difference for yourself today!

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