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Barks Classroom Headphones for K-12Wondering what to expect when ordering Barks Headphones for the first time?

Read through our real, teacher testimonials below to learn their favorite features, standout benefits, and more.

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"These are well made and hold up well with the demands of classroom use."

"I think they are great. The kids love them."

"They’re amazing! I plan on buying in bulk for next school year!"

"They are comfortable and fit my middle schoolers great. I really like how sturdy and thick the cord is. They worked well with our iPads in cases."

"The headphones have been AMAZING! These headphones have been the best and most durable headphones I’ve had in my classroom to date!"

"The headphones are wonderful, my students are so thankful and love them!"

"The headphones have held up amazingly! I ordered the 10 Pack for my classroom and have been loving them since receiving them."

"They headphones have lasted and I am so grateful."

"The headphones are great quality. I put them to the test with durability and they passed with my students."

"The headphones are wonderful! The sound quality is great and so is the comfort of the headphones."

"The headphones are great! Sturdy, good sound and fantastic recording capabilities! Thank you so much."

"The students said they are comfortable and have amazing sound quality."

"I absolutely love them for my little kindergarteners!"

"Overall everyone is loving the new headphones! Thank you for making quality headphones at an affordable price."

"They are very well made and seem like they would withstand repeated student use and would be perfect to use in the classroom."

"These Headphones are AWESOME!! I bought some in my 1st year, and still intact. I'm so excited to find out they come in colors now!!"

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