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Which classroom headphones work best in teaching environments?

We recommend our Barks Tech school headphones for classrooms, computer labs, training, media centers, standardized testing, and many more uses. They sound great, hold up well and are durable, and are the right price to stay within your budget. They’re wired head phones for ease of use and durability with a 3.5mm connector.  

Quality headphones are best judged upon three main criteria – (1) Durability, (2) Sound Quality, and (3) Price. Our headphones have undergone many enhancements and improvements as time has gone on to be more durable. We also pride ourselves on having a strict quality control process in place to offer the best quality student head phones available today. The sound quality is great for the price, and we do our best to pass the affordability savings onto you.

You can read our Headphones Buying Guide for more information, or you can go ahead and click above to visit our listing on Amazon to learn more and purchase today!

They're also available here on our website.

Now Available – Barks Microphone Headphones for the Classroom

We also now have Classroom Microphone Headphones for sale in a 10 Pack. They include an adjustable boom mic, re-enforced plastics and great sound quality. The upgraded speakers add a lot of depth to the sound. The microphone also does a great job of recording crisp, clear audio. They fit all age heads comfortability and look great.

For more information, you can also visit our Amazon product listing, or purchase directly from our website.

Click here to view our headphones products to compare models!

Last Updated: 10/03/2023


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